Fleas and Their Impact on the Human-Animal Bond

Flea eggs, larvae and feces left behind where our pets sleep can have a high "ick" factor and itchy, scratchy pets might keep us up at night. In addition, fleas can carry diseases that may be transmitted to humans. All of things can have an impact on our willingness to interact with our furry family members. With year-round flea control, our pets can be protected from these pesky parasites.

Although fleas are more likely to be a problem during warmer months, they can cause problems during cooler months due to their ability to continue their life cycle indoors. It’s important keep all pets in the household on flea control year-round in order to prevent infestations in your home and outbreaks. Keeping pets protected year-round also protects the family and preserves the bond between pets and their people. Talk to your veterinarian about the best prevention strategy for your situation.

The Flea Forecasts by Pet Disease Alerts, display daily flea activity nationally based on environmental conditions, and can be viewed at www.petdiseasealerts.org. If you watch the historical flea video, you can see that fleas are everywhere, all year long. This is a strong reminder to pet owners: Keep your pets protected year-round to prevent establishment of flea populations.

View the daily Flea Forecasts for your local area!

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