Canine Influenza: Protecting your dogs with timely alerts

Canine influenza is a respiratory disease in dogs that produces symptoms ranging from mild cough to severe pneumonia. This potentially life-threatening and highly contagious disease is spread through contact with respiratory droplets that have been aerosolized or fallen on surfaces that dogs interact with such as bedding, water bowls, or clothing. The virus can spread rapidly through a community as dogs often shed the virus before they’ve developed clinical signs, putting unprotected dogs at risk.

Staying up to date on outbreaks in your local community and vaccinating against the virus is the best way to protect your dogs against canine influenza.

Pet Disease Alerts offers a unique subscription service that tracks Canine Influenza and Leptospirosis activity to the county level. If positive cases of the disease appear in your community, the service then will send you an alert via e-mail and/or text. For $5 we will monitor three counties of your choice for a year and alert you if there is an outbreak. These alerts help you to stay informed so that you can discuss with your veterinarian how to best protect your pets from Canine Influenza and Leptospirosis.

Sign up for Pet Disease Alerts today to begin receiving disease alerts for your community!

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