Protecting Your Pets From Ehrlichiosis: Why It Matters

Ehrlichiosis is a bacterial infection transmitted through the bite of an infected tick. This disease can cause a variety of symptoms in dogs, the most common being fever, depression, loss of appetite, lethargy, joint pain, and stiffness. This is a disease that is zoonotic which means that humans are also at risk for disease if an infected tick bites them. Treatment is available for pets that have been infected but it’s better to prevent infection whenever possible.

It’s very difficult to prevent your dog’s exposure to ticks, especially when they are outdoors in areas ticks inhabit. As there is no vaccine available for Ehrlichiosis, routine use of tick preventatives on pets is necessary to limit infestations. This will also help prevent pets from bringing ticks into the home, limiting exposure to family members.

Staying aware of the threat level of tick-borne disease in your local area and areas that you might be traveling to with your pet is very important. Your local veterinarian can advise you testing and protecting your pet against this disease.

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